Knock Your Spouse’s Socks Off with this Simple Gesture!

Thank you!  How many times have you said these two simple, but wonderful words to your life mate?  Or have you, like me, gotten so busy you’ve forgotten to say those powerful affirmations to the most important person in your life?

Last week I issued you a challenge … to make November “spouse appreciation” month.  My request was for you to say a word of thanks to your spouse for one of the many great things he or she does for you as your “help mate”.  Our goal was to come up with one specific thank you per day.

How did you do?

This week I want to issue a new challenge … that will help you focus on the character of your spouse.  What are the positive and Godly character traits you are thankful for in his or her life?  Here’s a list of traits to help you get started.

But, just for fun let’s add a little twist … instead of speaking these affirmations to you partner … write your spouse a thank you note identifying these positive characteristics.

Thank you notes are a great way to communicate your love and appreciation for your spouse.  They can also rekindle the passion and romance in your relationship!  Don’t worry … you don’t need to be a poet or Hallmark card writer to be successful.  Let me offer a fun suggestion … use your spouse’s name as an acrostic for your list …

Here’s an example using my wife’s name … Karen

K indness … (that is also a fruit of the Spirit)

A ffectionate  (fruit of Spirit)

R espectful … and responsible

E ncourager … to me and our kids …

N uturing of your family … especially your grand daughters and daughter in laws.

Once you have your list … go back and share a brief example of how your partner demonstrates these traits … just to let him or her know that you are really paying attention!

Be sure to write this note in your own handwriting … it will mean a lot more … and if you’re like me you will have to take some time to make it legible.

Your goal … one specific “Character Thank You” note handwritten this week!


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