Are You Taking Care of your Prized Possession?

old corvettesI read an article about a collector who purchased 36 Corvette Sting Rays, Chevy’s premiere sports car back in 1989.  While that’s interesting … the ‘rest of the story’ is even more fascinating.  This collector placed all these prized possessions in a storage facility and forgot about them.  Now almost 25 years later many of these former “gems” are almost worthless due to neglect; covered by inches of dirt and grime.

As I mused over the cost of this man’s neglect … it struck me … how many of us got married years ago … we acquired our prize possession … and then placed him or her into “storage;” only to find out that our spouses feel unappreciated … neglected … uncared for … and possibly worthless?

Whether we’re married for a month, year or decades, we all take our spouses for granted.  That “new car” care we displayed to one another wears off.

So, as we come into this Thanksgiving season let’s see if we can dust off our thankful hearts for our prized partners and make them feel loved and cared for again.  It’s time to get your prized possession feeling … well prized!

Here’s what I am asking us all to do (yes me too!)

Let’s focus this week on thanking our spouses for the “roles” they play in our lives.  This has to do with their “jobs” as a spouse.  We take for granted that the underwear magically appears in our dresser drawer … or that the lawn is manicured … or the gas tank is full … or a dinner is waiting when we get home.  This all happens because you have a great help mate!

Think about their roles of being a parent or grandparent.  Or all they do at work to provide … or their role at church … look for ways they improve your well being … your status … and help you enjoy a better life.

Be specific … don’t just say: “Thanks for being a great wife!”  Explain to her why she is “great” wife to you.  Try: “Thank you for taking such good care of the kids … I love coming home to a fun and happy place after a long day at work …”

Your goal … one specific “Thank you” every day this week!


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